Cheesy organ-style drum machine?

Is anyone familiar with any drum machines, DIY or not, old, new, whatever, which have sounds like an old transistor organ or the old analog drum machines of the 60s-70s era? Preferably with MIDI abilities…

I came across the MFB Kult which would actually be just about what I am looking for but is no longer produced. Of course sampling is always an option but I actually would like something that is limited in its abilities. And cheap :slight_smile:

I think the MFB 522 is still pretty close to to organ cheese. You can look around for old rhythm boxes in you local second hand ads site. Those old organs are often setup in modules so you could take the PCB’s and control out. Those old organs can be picked up for free around here.
Also the casio PT series and some other early 80’s toy keyboards have analog rhythm boxes in them wich sound just like that.

I suspect the Korg Volca Beats won’t be bad at all at this game…

@shiftr: you probably meant mfb-502. the 522 is more 808ish, but the 502 is really cheesy (in a not altogether bad way). discontinued as well, but shouldn’t be that hard to find on german ebay. i’m sure there are more of those around than of the mfb kult.

and i agree wit pichenettes: that volca box seems to fit the bill rather nicely.

I guess i always thought those were the same… i didn’t realize the 522 is that close to the 808…

weeeell, at least it aspires to be much closer.
and it definitely sound less cheesy than the 502.

I’ve been figuring that the Volca might be one of the best bets for this, and thanks for the other recommendations!

and of course the upcoming Sonic Potion drum synth wil be able to sound like a organ rhythm box albeit with a digital edge.

Regarding the 502: the fact that it has a “bongo” sound is probably a good sign in this case :slight_smile: