Checksum problems with sysex

Hi… this is a direct question for Muteable Instruments.

I just bought and build a Shruthi-1, and was hoping to be able to make a full fledged editor for it in the older editor software “SoundDiver” from Emagic (yes… many still use it actualy).

I’ve run into a bit of a problem because SoundDiver only allows checksums in nibble’ized format that goes LH, and not HL as the Shruthi-1 expect… that makes it completely impossible to create an editor for it since the Shruthi will not accept any dumps to it and sees the dump as a dump with checksum error.

Requesting patches is working already now and can be edited and all, but sending it back top the Shruthi just don’t work because of the checksum.

So I was wondering, if it would be possible to add a feature to the firmware that allow disabling checksums alltogether? I’m thinking of some changes to the sysex commands that would allow this? … This is probably the easiest way to implement it in code I guess.

I’d gladly test the firmware, and also other beta firmware if it is needed in the future, and when the SoundDiver editor is finished I’ll gladly share it in here with anyone who wants it… for free. It will feature full memory bank support for patches and sequences, library support for both patches, sequences and individual wavetable waveforms, and dependency management will allow for libraries to include all datatypes used with a preset for easy recall (sequence and wavetable).

I hope this will be considdered…

Regards, Razmo.

I don’t want to be responsible for this; and I don’t think it’s a good idea to add one more system option to handle the idiosyncrasies of one specific editor. 0x80 is already working on his editor.

Now, if you want to maintain your own branch of the firmware for this and host/distributed modified files for the people who will want to use your editor, you can go!

I think the problem is more with SoundDiver as with the Shruthi… so why don’t you ask eMagic to correct their odd behavior?

What do you mean by “0x80 is already working on its editor” ?

Emagic has stopped working on SoundDiver a loooong time ago, but it’s still the only editor that allow you to control a multitude af synths from one program, and that’s why I use it still, or I’d have to have 20 different editors open if I had to use a different app for every synth I’ve got.

I know that SOundDiver is old, but many still use it… only problem is that you have to stick with what it can do… and it CAN do a lot, but sometimes manufacturers just use some weird checksum or encoding schemes that does not allow for this.

I just did not think that a simple thing as making it possible to ignore checksums would pose a big problem… I don’t have the skills to do any OS on the Shruthi unfortunately, so I have no other option than to ask for this feature. Adding another system menu item was not what I was suggesting though… rather something like a sysex command switch in the sysex string itself to tell the Shruthi to ignore the checksum it recieves.

I believe a user named 0x80 is currently working on a editor for the shruthi, and I know that there is at least one panel for CTRLR :slight_smile:

Ignoring the checksum is a rather bad idea, its like free climbing. If anything fails things go wrong badly doing possibly harmful things to you.
Just face the Facts: SoundDiver is outdated an no sane Manufacturer in the world will add Hacks to their own software to support a rarely used Program from a Company thats 10 years out of business.
Maybe you should let go and upgrade to something thats available atm like Max

Well… I have lots of devices that has no problem communicating without checksums, so I don’t agree with that… and recently Amos was not hard to convince making exactly that feature in the new v2.0b firmware of the MOOG Minitaur, so not everyone has that opinion.

I know SoundDiver is outdated, and I also accept a “no” for my request, if that’s how it’s going to be… I’ll stick with SoundDiver nonetheless ;O) … maybe I can find some obscure workaround for this.

I won’t do it personally.


I know… you said that already once… I was just commenting on what fcd72 was writing.

As I wrote, I accept that you don’t want to do this, it’s not my decission anyway… it was a friendly request for help that got turned down, and that’s it, there is nothing more to say about that.

Honestly I’m a bit disappointed, but you can’t win every time… I’ll live :O)


Anyways, the data structure for the dumps… when I follow the link on the homepages (in the manual), it cannot find the page. Do you know where I can find the structure specs? … I think I found a solution to my problem, so I’d like to use the structure info.

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