Cheap MIDI Keyboard

So, apparently Monoprice is getting into pro-audio. The big plus on this is the 25 key has a MIDI DIN out!

What’s really exciting is at the left there is a category for Analog Synthesizers. It’s currently at “future product”, but I’m interested in what they will be rolling out. In the category’s list the picture for keyboards show’s some doepfer modules.

Also, the latest issue of Tape Op reviews their condenser mic and gave it a great review. I’m gonna pick me up a couple of those.

I am not sure I’d call this pro-audio, though…

well, no, but I have ordered from them before (cables and such) and the quality is pretty damned good. Besides, I have been reading Tape Op for 12+ years, and for them to give something a really good review should be taken in full confidence. It won’t be fitted with a high end fatar keybed and it doesn’t use Military Grade Encoders and Switches, but, for a basic controller, I’m sure it will do just fine.

And, anything that falls out of the Hi-Fi home audio category is label as “Pro”, because, the mass majority can be pretty clueless. I always chuckle when anything has the word “Pro” in the name.

Why doesn’t anyone make an inexpensive 3 octave controller?!

@piscone, they do have a 49 key. The only bummer is they are out of until 8/16. $65 seems pretty cheap to me. I was thinking these would be best for building a keyboard version of a shruthi/anushri/whatever. Cut-to-fit

I also don’t get why everything has to jump from 25 to 49 keys these days; 37 is such a nice sweet spot. :slight_smile:

I guess no one does a solo with a root other than C :smiley:

An iPad stand for $12.80? Man why have I never heard of this website before?

@ryan, best place ever for cables!

Cables and LCD tv wall mounts (cheap!).

They should open up brick and mortar shops next to every Guitar Center and Sam Ash:

“Well, your options are these Live Wire cables that sound like shit OR these Mogami cables that cost obscene amounts of money.”

“But the cables will cost me more than the synth I just bought since I have to plug it into an effects unit- in stereo!”

“Oh, we’re well aware of that, sir. Keep your voice down.”

EDIT: Their analog synths could be interesting. If they’re smart, they’ll rip off an SH-101- Roland dropped the ball hard with Moog and Korg coming out with the Sub Phatty and the MS-20 Mini, respectively. Imagine a $2-300 approximation of an SH-101? They’ll fly out of stock in days.

I’m very curious what they have planned. I’m even more curious whose designing them.

"Why doesn’t anyone make an inexpensive 3 octave controller?!"

They do: Miditech Garagekey
Unfortunately, USB MIDI only.

Thanks Max, I had checked that one out in the past. USB MIDI sucks!