Cheap adjustable stands for desktop units

Bought some of these retro toys from a local bargain store, the legendary Rubik’s snake.

They make great desk stands for mobiles and also good for angling desktop synths like the Shruthi.

If you’ve never seen one before, you can make them into all sorts of shapes.

whoa thats a brilliant idea~!

Obviously if you used them a lot and didn’t want to alter them you could put some rubber feet on them etc.

I got some from china but they were smaller than they looked, but still usuable!

Cool, they’re probably not the original Rubik ones. I did see those chinese copies on ebay, I thought they were extremely cheap, now we know why.

Yea if you buy one make sure its bigger than 4cmx4cm

They are way flimsier as well, but work fine for shruthi sized desktop boxes.

There are some ways of positioning the segments so there’s less flex. Like in my original post picture.

Yea I ended up settling on the following format

Just ordered 6 of the cheapie ones, £1.97 each.

Cheapos are not bad for the money. About 75% or more of the size of a genuine one. They came from a UK address too. The sides are a slightly matte finish and the tops are shiny. Will be perfect for my needs. Might be able to use them to separate audio, power and midi cables.

Mine from china were not shiny, had a bit of a gritty surface.

They’re not great, I think the dimensions of the caps on these are too thick, so they’ve put the pivot hole off-centre. So there’s gaps.

These say “Out of the blue” “Magic Cube Puzzle” on them. A German company

I got my bigboy chinese versions, and the 7cmx7cm ones are the way to go. Super sturdy.

Seems to be a lot of synth DIY kits about but not much DIY stands and things that are good for ergonomics.

Those look closer to the original Rubix versions anyway.

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