So isn’t time we set up an IRC chat somewhere? Freenode is nice…

ride or die

I set up #mi on for the time being.


hey what happened to the hangout idea… I think that was a good one

@rumpelfilter it disappeared

MI on freenode is taken
#mutable-instruments is where its at


@altitude I totally agree for idleing.

But with hangout you can do Q&A sessions,trıoubleshooting and Shruthiverse jams :slight_smile: but of course I know not everbody have enough time.

I tried to setup hangout

At that time Olivier was not available and couple of people complained that you need google account to this.

So If there is an interest I can setup one.

Let me know

The problem with the hangout is that you need everyone available at the same time for it to work. IRC is better for idleing

Why not both?

y not. IRC for idle, G+ for a big meet up

I like the IRC idea.


Right… I’ve joined as well ^^

seems like i have to learn chinese first. good that we at least don’t have to build a special purpose computer, just to chat

I just don’t like to chat
It’s a pain and kills my brain.
sorry :slight_smile:

Hangout sounds fun though…

@rosch I can teach you Japanese :wink:

haha you have no idea how patient you’d have to be :wink:

rosch us barely speaking german…