Charnel Altar


Patch Notes:

2 Rings in sympathetic strings mode being triggered on asynchronous triggers from BSP. Batumi is modulating various parameters on both.

The drone is Braids and Warps into 2 channels of Blinds being CVd by Pam’s running differently divided, differently phased LFOs.

Clouds is being triggered by an irregular clock from Pam’s.

Eurorack Mixed through a behringer mixer with Strymon BlueSky and ElCap on the busses.

Clarinet is recorded via a very ghetto earphone stuck into a hole drilled into the neck barrel. Reverb and delay added in Reaper.

A mininova is also playing a randomly cycling arp underneath in the latter section in a patch i programmed as my idea of a prophet type synth.

Everything recorded through a Focusrite Saffire Pro24 into Reaper.


Great clarinet and treatment! And great description :slight_smile: