Changing wavetables

another bit of information copied from the bhagis garden forum. This one is Olivier response to a question about changing wavetables:

"Regarding changing the wavetables, it can be done with a program that:

  • takes a firmware .hex file
  • locate the section containing the wavetable
  • replace it with something else (a sequence of bytes describing 17 129-cycles long waveforms)

Then a conversion from the .hex file to .mid, a firmware update and boom, a new wavetable! This could also be used to tweak the splash screen, default startup settings, etc… Remember this?

For the moment, I prefer working on hardware than developing crazy tools like this, but I can ensure you that creating a “Shruti-1 firmware customization shop” web app is only a matter of hours, indeed."

You know what? I’m dying to implement this! I’ve always thought that the Rainer Buchty’s app was the most awesome thing on the web… meee toooo!

Apologies for reviving this thread form the mosts of ancient time, but…
I was following some links this morning, and stumbled on this page and was wondering if it might be possible to create wavetables suitable for the Shruthi from this large collection of single-cycle waveforms.

How might I go about attempting that, if it’s possible, on a Mac?


Hmmm, there must be some kind of military secret on the page, i can’t reach it…

Sorry, I did not up catch up on that. I have 50% of a tool written but not much time to continue.

Anyone tried looking at Future Audio Workshop’s
Circle Wavetable Generator PC or Mac Version?
For Circle synth format only but… looking at the
conversion might give a leg up. We used to use
emagic’s Soundiver to make wavetables for the
Waldorf Microwaves back in the old School 90’s.
There’s alot of info available now covering
Waldorf’s wavetable making techniques (among others).

Not sure how useful the FUW software would be. Reading the documentation that comes with it, it seems Circle wavetables need to be made up of single wave cycles of 2048 samples in length at 24bit / 44.1kHz. There must be some kind of tool for making generic wavetables out there…