Changing the resonance on 4PM. Can it be done - or SHOULD it be done?

I love my 4PM but Id also like to try a few different resonance settings as its a little “whippy” at times. I appreciate that that is part of the circuit design so Im not talking drastic, just a fine adjustment

You can mod the circuit or just don’t turn it up so high? :slight_smile:

It’s an analog circuit, learn how it works and change it if you like. If nobody did so then there would only be one filter circuit.

Thanks - I will give it a try. I was just wondering what the results where like

Well, I think you’ve probably selected the wrong board to consider changing. Start with a simpler board?

Ill research it but I wouldnt imagine its more than a resistor value change. I love it as I said, Id just like to tone it down say 15%ish. Not much at all.

A resistor change will either shift things down so that what you hear when res = 63 is what you heard when reso = 32 without the change (preventing you to reach self-oscillation).

Shifting things up will cause self oscillation to occur as early as res = 32, or lower. Is that what you want?

Currently, self oscillation arrives near the end of the course of parameter (near 55-60). What’s not to like about that?

Ill have to check but mine start self oscillating earlier than that so I might need to make some adjustments.