Changing DAC ic with another protocol

Hi! Today I started to look the code of some of my favourite MI modules, I started by examining Peaks, because I want to make something similar for my DIY rack. There are some components that are hard to come by where I live, and due to custom policies and what not It’s also hard to order them abroad. My goal is to hopefuly do this with a bluepill and some home-etched boards, but I am having trouble sourcing the DAC ic. The only thing I seem to find locally is the MCP4725. Now, I know that it’s only 12bit and not 16 like the original, and I think I can live with that, but the problem is that it works with the I2c protocol and not the SPI. My understanding is that changing this will require some changes in the dac.h and files, taking advantage of the i2c librerie of the stm32f10x_conf.h file. Am I missing something? (I am very new to digital stuff and microcontrollers)

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Yes, that’s where you should start!

Out of curiosity, don’t they have MCP4822 in stock? At least it’s SPI, and you would only have to change the data sent to it.

I didn’t know about that IC, it appears some stores have it, pretty overpriced but at least they have it.