Changing a faulty jack on SHADES

Is it easy to change a faulty jack on SHADES (Discontinued version) ?
If yes, what type/model/ref of jack ?
Thx in advance for your response.

There are several versions of Shades, can you please post of picture of the jack?

Have you ever desoldered and soldered parts?

Thx for the contact.
Shades V3-2014.
Yes, I have already desoldered and soldered parts.

You can order the part from Thonk:

Or I can send you one.

Or you can send me back the module for repair!

Thank You very much for your response :slight_smile:
I have an account @ Thonk, so I will put the jack socket on my next order.
Have a nice day !

(just for information, the price for repairing the module ?)

Repairs are free!


Free !?!? :open_mouth:
At least a shipping cost ?

You pay whatever it takes to ship the module to me.

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The address in Paris 15 is still valid ?

(I agree to pay the shipping return if you want…)

You’d better send a mail to

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Thank You again :slight_smile: