Chaining two Yarns for 4-voice polyphony with velocity and aftertouch

I believe I remember reading this somewhere.

Is it possible to chain two Yarns modules together - in STEAL MOST RECENT mode - to get 4-voice polyphony with velocity and aftertouch?


This is not possible.

If you want Note CV, Velocity, and Afttertouch, that is already 3 CV per voice, so you’d need 12 CV outputs in total, thus more than 2 Yarns.

I think I’m mistaken. I may just mean 4-voice polyphony with note cv, velocity, and then gate. So not including aftertouch.

Would that be possible with two Yarns? It sounds like it.

Yes, you need to use the 4> layout (4 voices, split on two modules with polychaining). Then you assign velocity to CV outputs 3 and 4 of each module.

So your CV outputs will be:

Yarns 1:

  • Voice 1 note CV
  • Voice 2 note CV
  • Voice 1 velocity
  • Voice 2 velocity

Yarns 2:

  • Voice 3 note CV
  • Voice 4 note CV
  • Voice 3 velocity
  • Voice 4 velocity
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Would the Steal Most Recent voice mode work between the two different Yarns modules?

Yes, this setting is available even in the polychained modes. The first module will keep track of which notes need to be on/off.

Thank you. I appreciate your help.