Chaining Shruthi XT for more polyphony (4PM)

Didn’t find answer with search. So:

Is there another way of chaining Shruthis than with MIDI out -> MIDI in? Do I lose some properties of 4PM filter/XT controller?

BTW, can I plug the audio out of second Shruthi to audio in of the first one, to get both out from Shruthi 1? Do I need to bypass the filter of the second one then? Just use two controller boards and one filter?

No, theres no other way (. . . there are no other Jacks, how should it work? Morphogenetic Field transmission?? Bluetooth?) and no you wont lose anything. Its just the notes that are transmitted via MIDI.

The Audio In is not meant to chain Shruthis, its meant for processing Audio and everything runs thru the Filter which means your Signal from the first Shruth would be filtered twice. The Device you are looking for is called a Mixer :wink:

Nah, I want everything inside your XT box. I figured it would be filtered twice, that is why I asked can I use two controller boards and one filter. I guess not.

So, I shoud build a small mixer to Shruthi XT box, and I would lose something: the ability to sync LFOs for example, what else? Would the second one at least follow filter tweaking or ADRS tweaking? If not, it really is useless to me :confused:

Everything you might need to sync between Shruthis, and or anything that you can sync, happens through MIDI in-out.

Each Filterboard needs it´s controller board.

Apart from this, like fcd72 said, you might need a mixer for the audio signals, and a MIDI keyboard or control surface.

A Midipal can come in handy too.

If you use the polychain function of the Shruthi, you can tweak the parameters of multiple Shruthis from one XT. I do not think the LFOs sync over MIDI, although I don’t know for sure. Just check the manual for the polychain information.

I started out that way but now I use a MIDIPal instead, although I cannot change parameters across all Shruthis from one XT anymore. Doesn’t really matter to me because I prefer the Oberheim 4-voice model, where every voice can be slightly different.

f-k, is there a polychain part in manual…of course I should have remembered, that Olivier thinks of everything.

Then I guess it is worth trying. Gentlemen, thank you for your information. I’ll get me coat.