Census of totally dreailed Threads


Great, then I can use a Chinese proxy to have uncensored Internet in Germany. Wheee!


With a chineeeeese Proxy you will have a blank screen…


Sorry, I don’t get it.


BTW, the chineeees didnt have enough electricity so they built this gargantuan There Gorges Dam to gain enough Power to run all their Deep Packet Inspection Servers for 1,5 Billion chineeeeese Surfers so it doesn’t look like censorship anymore.

Now the next conspiracy theory: HAARP


This one started with a totally harmless question about Audio Interfaces and derailed into a discussion of contemporary Weapon Systems for Aircraf Carrieres et al…


Imo those threads are not derailed enough.

Let’s really go at it :

Railway hardware can have synchronisation problems too :wink:
Luxemburg railways ; picture taken at Bettembourg marshalling yard


who let jojjelito command this engine??


Probably the same person who let you control the switch (weiche)…


Hey! I couldn’t have commanded that engine! It’s neither nighttime, nor any signs of some weird party onboard… If this is the day after clean-up crew there would still be party signs or synth parts visible.

This looks like the work of some poor sod who tried to appease all customer wishes.


I miss trains…


I made this

little Logo, feel free to use it whenever its appropriate

Image URL is http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2893/10289994976_dd7787cc97_n.jpg


Nice logo. I can almost imagine a euro module named “Choo choo” with a big derail pot…


'derail ’ is one of the parameters for tweaking Vanessa. It was left at 0 which is why she was immediately noticed.


I’d buy or build a choo choo module in a New York minute. Or, maybe… For me the derail pot would always be set to max…


… in fact it would be broken and stuck in 12 of 10 position…


I thought Charlie stole the handle?
(Jethro Tull reference alert)


Choice song! I had this vision of the old “these go to 11!” from Spinal Tap, but @fcd72 had to take his derailer to 12… Like all disco dancing, this can only end in tears.



I found the piece of news that some freezer company didn’t want to be associated with the Fukushima daiichi disaster, so they made this:

which was intended as a portmanteau of Fukushima and happy.

It would be mean, but it could be a new category in the errors/wrongdoings pyramid…


And again


Can’t believe it, 4 years without major derailing???

well here we go: About the Microfreak