Census of totally dreailed Threads


Here are some illustrations for the book:


This Thread was originally about a hard to understand yet simple question and derailed into a discussion of primary sex characteristics.


the maps thread started really nice…


silk is nice but linen makes a much stronger thread, if you use it on your bicycle you run the risk that the thread might get caught in the, wait for it, derailer… ouch it bit me, damn capybara, no sense of humour. Or maybe they have a better sense…


You are clearly today’s:


It’s life Jim but not as we know it!


This one started with a technical problem and ended with salmiac toads.


Mmm, pulverpaddor!


Looks interesting.


Started with for an “mostly experienced” builder unsolvable problems (no negative Voltage while LT1054 missing) and ended with obese potao chips quality control girls.


@fcd72: I said ‘may come back to haunt me’ not ‘may be used as a blunt weapon with which to beat me to death’…



Guess what this band is missing:



always the same:
Unfortunately, this UMG-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.
Sorry about that.


Cheesus H Christ, it’s like how it took 500 years to iron out Spotify in Germany. GEMA must have a death-wish… It was a link to the Fat Boy Slim mix of Pierre Henry’s Psyche Rock. The video has some resistor heroes, some pirate electrolytic caps with lassos and is generally great.

The no-nos sometimes happen to anybody outside of the US or some other strange reason. Grr!


I couldn’t get it IN the US.


The whole rights and territories situation is a right royal mess! I get that too, there’s some Swedish things I like to hear/watch but I’m denied on the road in Oz, the US, UK or elsewhere.

BTW, isn’t this derailing the derailed threads thread?! Meta-derailment FTW.


This thread has been derailed to a discussion over publishing rights.


Aww, my ultimate hack! Are you happy now, Master?

/The derailment apprentice


I think there’s a proxy service out there that allow you to set the country from which you appear to be browsing to any one of your choice, precisely so that you can see these regionally limited videos.