Census of totally dreailed Threads


What if the topic gets back on track? Might suck for the OP to have their thread marked up cause people are feeling silly.


What do we do if THIS thread gets derailed?


Can we have a [rerailed] when it goes back on topic?


I just realized that the title of this thread is misspelled.


+1 for [rerailed]


this one derailed into bad vibes, bounced back, and was derailed again by Frank, true to form haha!


It took the cooking thread and derailed it into nuclear accidents, superfund cleanup sites, cancer, and groundwater contamination. All of this is perfectly in concert with my normal disposition.


Nuclear cooking. Takes you farther than the microwave or induction hob™


My MicroWave can cook? Why didn’t i realize this yet???


I think we should start writing the book


As said before: why let a totally vital Thread die only because its Purpose is fulfilled?


How come the track from the Topanga deraillment is on the cover? Why do I feel like the long bony finger of suspicion is being pointed in my direction?

Surely I never derailed a thread here. All I do is lurk?


Wheels keeps on turning!
Otherwise, everything would be pretty boring.

Ooops. Titus, it’s just first random picture from google images i’ve used for texture =)
But…there are no coincidences.


Chapter 1:

Did you know that section of track goes right by the Santa Susana Field Lab where they had the nuclear reactor meltdown In the 50s? The Topanga deraillment, pictured here, is only a few miles away from the site and about 5 miles from my house.


I think the Mutable thread derail map (like a tube map) would end up looking like a PCB layout :slight_smile: (But the Shruthi-1 boards are very nicely laid out).


not sure how many people in the world would enjoy this book, but I for one find it to be a marvelous idea! A neat thing would be to add either an appendix for comments with links so the reader can flip to the back and see the image/website mentioned. Or got the extra mile and include a MicroSD card with all links to corresponding threads/pages. Some of the content of the derailments here are historic and should not be devoured by obscurity. Viva La Derailment!


Do you now know what to do with your rhubarb?


That’s how the things connected. Maybe it’s subconsciousness thing (logical explanation) but i think it’s a kinda magic.


@fcd72 Russians make confiture from it.


@schrab - I know!

@fcd72 - No! And I killed the leaf lettuce? WTF?