Census of totally dreailed Threads


Inventory of totally derailed Threads, please set a Link to the Thread and note in which way (and by whom…) it was derailed.

About the Microfreak

Arturia Minibrute

Started happily with showing the brand new Arturia Synth, ended wit a Discussion about different german Döner-Styles, derailed by me…


Oh that reminds me, I realized today that textile doesn’t like links that end with a dash.



Well, this one is a classic:


How can a thread with just one entry be derailed?

EDIT:flip just edited the above Post :wink:




Totally couldn’t resist!


Just waiting for a chance to link this thread to itself :)) But then it would be back on topic again O_O


We would never get out of here flip . . . . trapped in a forum.


It does seem to be quite a lot of threads :wink: Only because of this forum can you do a google image search for “IR3109” and find a pict of some lady eating sauerkraut!
Still it could be worse. A certain departed member now seems preoccupied with posting scarcely relevant drivel all over the Narrat1ve forum. So we’re doing quite nicely over here really!




this thread was supposed to be about devsound Chip February

thanks to me it is now also about straytechnologies.com kits, opto-isolators and circuit bending


well I feel a bit part of the cause as well.
shouldn’t have said mini YM synth
shit I said it again!
btw. we could get this topic off-topic by introducing all the original topics from the threads we got off-topic by introducing other topics that were not he original topic.


Er wars, Er wars


Formerly about Resistors


This one started with assumptions about a new and secret Mutable Instruments Gadget and was derailed towards baking bread and the neat for a “Recipe of the Day for the uninspired Chef” Thread…


Twice Derailed =)


This thread started out talking about the NTHSynth and now it’s about chickens.


This was a thread about a control board issue that was ultimately solved by the brilliant Mutable Instruments crew. I then carelessly derailed the thread venting about my spreadsheet catastrophes.


This is one of the fastest and fairest derailed Threads so far…

Id like to introduce the habit that Threads mentioned here have a “[DERAILED]” added to the Title… :wink: