CC# number in .92


Since version .92, it seems that some parameters are not same controller number (sub, mix…)?

The mapping from CC number to parameter uses the same table as the one used for ordering the parameters in the interface, so the sub/operator/mix parameters – which have changed position in the UI – have new CC numbers.

However, this might not be definitive, since I’m still torn between the old layout of those parameters and the new one.


Ok, thank you it’s not a big problem…

What about the tempo NRPN? I could be wrong about its brokenness, but tempo control no longer works in my BCR-2000 patch - I double-checked the settings to verify though. Could this have changed somehow?

Good catch! Due to the addition of new fields in the patch data structure, the sequencer data addresses (and thus, NRPN – since NRPN is pretty much a peek/poke) has been pushed by 8.

The new values are:

  • Sequencer mode 100
  • Tempo 101
  • Groove template 102
  • Groove amount 103
  • Arpeggiator direction 104
  • Arpeggiator range 105
  • Arpeggiator pattern 106
  • Warp 107

what is the equivalent NRPN number to CC # 07 ?

There’s no such thing. It’s not a patch parameter, it’s more something temporary like the pitch bend or modulation…