CC automation in DAW with ambika

So im looking at the midi implementation chart here:

Im trying to do a simple control of the filter with CC 29? And I cant get it to do anything in Live or bitwig studio. I also tried 26 for osc 1 pitch. Am I missing something? My input filter is set to allow all in the pref page. Not sure whats going on that its not getting the CC messages. Any idea? My pulse and X4 responds to CC’s so I know its not the DAW.

Just out of curiosity: how is Bitwig and its Midi implementation ?

The table indicates that cutoff is CC 74 ; and osc 1 pitch is CC 14 (coarse) or CC 15 (fine).

Is simultaneous cutoff automation on separate voices possible?

Yes: create a part for each voice, and assign a different MIDI channel to each of them…

Ah of course, silly me

ok derp on my part. Its working. Hey another thing I noticed though. When I power on the ambika my default setup is a full six voice part and I try to save it set to midi channel 3 however every time I cycle the power it reverts back to channel 1. Is this a bug? I cannot get it to save the midi channel with the multi program patch etc.

What do you do exactly to save this?

It is also possible to save the current multi so that it is reloaded every time Ambika starts up. This is very useful for saving your MIDI settings and favorite split/voice allocation parameters!

On this library page, press S2 to select the >ini command.

Press S7 to confirm. The unit will freeze for a few seconds to write the current multi to its non-volatile memory.

ok got it to be the default thanks! I think I did this when I first built it actually because I had it changed to default to a 6 voice part. I just forgot how to do it. Thanks a lot.

@nightworxx its basic but I love bitwig. The core engine is just great and it has amazing potential imo. I am using it exclusively now. Switched from Live after 3+years.