Casper Electronics Nova Drone

New drone synth by casper electronics is up for sale:
just ordered a PCB…
I own a dronelab V2 and enjoy it very much.

And tomorrow some news is coming up on the WPTA2

exciting times in DIY land!

I must say that given the schematics, I was far from expecting this thing to sound that good. At least, the 2 of them wired together (first vid).

It’s also quit good a sounding really bad! I don’t know about the schematics and technical side of this thing but i know the dronelab makes clever use of strange quirks like crosstalk. It actually sounds great when you distort the crosstalk and then filter it.

the final sound is ‘only’ 3 square-pwm oscillators with each pwm parameter individually wired to 3 independent triangle LFOs. And of course, a lot of sync options are available. No filtering at all.
But looking at the other videos, it seems to sound wicked (to my taste) only within certain settings. This is still very interesting. I find this design more clever than the dronelab v2. No doubt that you’ll have a lot of fun playing with it.

Wow, gotta have those pcbs even if a build has to wait a sec. Hell the dronelab pcb kit and basic shell isn’t a bad price either. Damn you DIY

perfect front end for a sidekick…

Oh damn, hadn’t even thought of that. Am planning on ordering at least the double, but had considered an extra single, either for on its own, or for triple goodness. Sidekick plus Nova = yum… Now if I could only get my damn SSM2044 and SMR4 boards to actually produce any volume! Something is completely wrong.

Crap, I ordered the double Nova PCB and a Dronelab PCB+shell.

Looks like I’ll have my winter activities sorted for sniffing flux fumes in the basement with the fall flood of DIY.


Is there somebody in europe that needs the mouser bom too? If somebody wants to share a mouser order we can get free shipping.