Cases coloured Honey

Right. Who is to blame this time, fcd72 or pichenettes? :smiley: And why is everything from France soooooo cool?!
Ooh honey
M&M anyone?

im not from France and lack obviously some coolness - us germans are to corrrreckt to be cool :slight_smile:

Die Deutschen sind der Hammer! :wink:

Oooh. Poor bees and beekeepers! Good thing it wasn’t AZO dyes I hope. Otherwise, who knows what kind of cancer or ebola you’d get from eating that chemically infused honey?

haha i wonder what kind of cancer or ebola someone would need to eat that honey in the first place.

The same kind as those who eat M&Ms apparently! What I initially thought was quite a funny story is actually quite serious upon reflection, from the cancer causing colour dies used in some food stuff to the degradation of the already strained honey business and the disappearing bees. :frowning:

If i understood the clip correctly, the bees were feeding on leftover brigtly colored candy. The cancer risk from the honey should not be higher than for the candy. I actually found the blue honey rather intriguing…

I’m fairly sure that they don’t use AZO coloring in the EU made M&Ms. It’s probably some other, less harmful chemical. Some green candy is colored with chlorophyll and even though us humans aren’t grass eaters it’s not harmful to us. Same goes with other colors, most stuff is fairly natural. The blue honey would be cool if I made my own candy or just for the lulz…