Case & Power supply question


I’m starting with hardware modular stuff (being in max/msp “virtual modular” programming since about 10 years)

– Case
What would you advice for a case ?
Being able to travel with it, I’d like to know if a flight case like this one for instance is solid enough. Would these screws for modules be stable during a long flight …: ?

– Power Supply
I already have tip top modules and I started with their nice power supply modules + flying bus (basically wrapped connectors wires)
Is there a format/standard for Mutable Modules ? I know Eurorack is a standard, but some needs +12, -12 and +5, some others only +12 and -12.
What would you suggest to use ?

Many thanks,

Depends… :wink:

(I know my question is not precise enough)

Doepfer LC6 / LC9 are very good value for the money for studio use. If you want something classy in wood, contact Ross at Lamond Design - many customization options!

At the exception of Braids, all Mutable Instruments modules only require +/- 12V. Braids modules sold after july 2015 will no longer require +5V. I would stay away from TipTop µZeus PSUs, and would instead recommend something with a proper bus board rather than a flying cable.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Ok for the +5v. Actually, I could order Braids later (even if I’ll focus on my hardware setup this summer precisely)

Ok for the case too.

For the PSU with a proper bus, would you have some suggestions of some which work fine with Mutable Inst mod, as I’d need one (or 2) ?

All Eurorack PSUs work with Mutable Instruments modules (it would be weird if the modules required a specific brand of PSU!).

What is the major issue with flying cables? More Interference? Or just cable clutter?

thanks. obviously I know this is a standard but, and how you wrote it yourself, there are some best practices you suggest (like not using flying cable)…

so was just wanted to figure out if you had some advices for specific type of psu.

thanks for your answer, anyway.

The pittsburg cases now include a powered +5v rail and eurorack bus in addition to beefier +12v and -12v power rails. I just bought a 48 for the purpose of getting a Braids.

I have a couple of uZeus and see no issues so far.

If there´s a back on the case, the flying cables can be screwed to it at each socket to keep them from flying.