Case Design: How thick should it be?

Hi Guys,

So I am designing another case for the Shruthi, but have had this problem for a while, what is the internal dimension of the standard shruthi case? So I can essentially model it as a box, and move the box around in my drawings to where it would fit most efficiently.

according to my inkscape, it is:
44,649mm x 134,304mm x 97,274mm
this is without the 3mm on all sides subtracted for the material strength.
inkscape tends to have some nasty scalling problems, but i confirmed it with a ruler and my shruthi. i am looking forward to check out your case design, n8bit.

Inkscape reads svg…:“

Here is PDF version

I don’t have anything that can open a SVG. I tried printing it, but it is not to scale at all.
Can someone just give me this measurement?

the SVG files are 1:1

where can I get these x, y dimensions? I tried the 3d model, but the measuring tool in sketchup is a little funky, and I wasn’t sure where to find the right files.

the panels of the laser cut case are 3mm thick. Just subtract twice that from from the x and y dimensions of each side and that will be your box