Case design - help please

I have landed a scrap pc which has a door begging to be utilised.
Any thoughts/hints/tips gratefully received especially about off boarding components.

Tip one : Don’t place stuff directly on the aluminium, unless you really hate your shruthi… You will need something like plexi to shield the bottom part of the PCB…

Tip two : Standoffs are a great thing…

As you can see, I don’t have too much experience building synths into computer caes :frowning:

cheers I have some ultra thin plexi for that lined up
The plexi that says Coolermaster is actually embedded in the aluminium extrusion … they cut it after so I cant get it out to eradicate the lettering , so that will become a feature
I thought flipping the boards to thin it down was smart , I can get away with a thin aluminium panel for the base …
My Dremel is ready to rock.
I did have plans to put the Anushri in , but the curvature of the aluminium would make that waward as the Anushri is built … I will see if I can souce any more of these old cases and see what i can do with a brand new build.