Case concept by Tim Parkhurst

Any particular reason that the LCD and control surface are on standoffs instead of just being bolted to the top of the case? Aligning the top and bottom of the case so they line up perfectly can be quite a chore since everything will have to fit to very tight tolerances for it to work right.

I think the reason was that this way, the top looked better without any hole for the screws…

You can just do threaded blind holes for that.

Where are the CV in?

Agree with Altitude, with threaded blind holes you can put the main board under the control one and the box will be smaller :smiley:

and where are the in/out audio pots?

I think the plan was to put the pots in the space under the LCD. The CV ins… I guess the space on the left on the control panel would make for a nice patching area :slight_smile:

I know of the constraint of the two boards, but it just looks lopsided to me with nothing on the left… Perhaps with the suggestion to bolt the LCD to the top without the standoffs, the board on the left could be slid over to the right?

i quite like the lopsided effect of having the controls on the side and the left empty. adds a nice asymmetry to the case…

This space could be filled by a “matrix” showing the different functions for each pot (like on the waldorf units, though it would have been even better in this case to have the page buttons/LEDs vertically - the result would have ended up being very blofeldy).

Or by a diagram. Since when having diagrams/ADSR curves on synths stopped being cool? As a kid, those grape cluster and flower-shaped diagrams on the DX7 made a strong impression on me, and I would say that they played a big role in getting me fascinated by synths. I’m sure I’m not the only one in this case :smiley:

Good point about the diagrams on the case. However, as we have just found with the WTPA, with firmware upgrades, those functions/abilities/etc… might change over time.

thinking about this design again, i think it might be cool to take a standard enclosure such as this:

and add on two wooden ends a la classic moog fx units.

oootini: thats the case I am ordering…

Like this ?

Hm, that gives me an idea:


i preferer the Ferrero touch

sorry… :smiley:

a different approach - will be 19" mounted:

hammond makes a case like the one pictured above with wood side panels, it is just fairly hard to find it. They also make a really nice metal slant case with wood side panels!