Cascade Symmetry


I should mention at this point that an interview with R Beny is coming soon to horizontalpitch! Will let you know when it’s online!


Yes hearing the sound R Beny creates and what inspires me, made me get my 2nd clouds… I can’t afford much more r n, but I looked at plonk and tbh I think rings still is lord for me so hope to get no 2 later this year…

(Not through fandom but design has my 9U became 50% mutable)… Thanks O!


If anyone is interested, my release for Dauw came out today. It is out very soon after the previous album, but in a way they are sister albums. One about looking forward, one about looking back. This one is about looking back.

The tools used is much of the same from the previous album, except there is copious use of cassette tape loops.

Here are some codes:


Downloaded! Thanks for the codes Austin, looking forward to listen to it.


Thank you very much for this piece :blush:


Nice work!

How do you make cassette tape loops? Is it hard?

Also, how did you decide on your album art? It seems like a departure from your previous misty coastal shores of yore.


Thanks for the download codes. Your two pevious cassettes made it all the way to France already :hugs:


Downloaded thanks! really beautiful. Really like the wobbly tape sound!
Reminds me i still have this micro cassette recorder somewhere.
Had some really nice results recording piano with it.


I commissioned the great Amulets to make the tape loops for me. Just out of the scope of what I know how to do :wink:

The album art was done by the label’s (Dauw) in house artist. She did a wonderful job, I think.


Our interview and “chosen wave” article with r beny about cascade symmetry and saudade is now online on


Thank you for sharing Austin, that’s too kind!

I really enjoyed your recent rig rundown with DivKid:

Rig Rundown #03 - r beny

Having followed your YouTube channel for a couple of years, you are partly to blame for getting me hooked on eurocrack.

You are forgiven!



I wonder what ‘wildfrontiers’ is going for…

After singing the praises of his tiptop case in the vid, it’s up on sale now!

(a chance for someone to score some tangible ‘r beny magic/inspiration’ in their rig!!) :wink:


Sorry, what are you trying to say exactly?


Joking a bit.

He mentions that case is his sweet spot in that video.

At the moment he is selling it on facebook…

Maybe good karma for who buys it.

Just funny coincidence. That’s all, nothing deeper to my point.


Maybe he just go a great deal on an even better one. And no, I don’t think that buying another musician’s equipment will make some of their “magic” transfer to you, unfortunately it’s not that easy unfortunately.


Eating their brains may work, though :wink:


Or maybe the ears? Though the might be a bit chewy


I think he just wants to go back up to 9U.


6u looks nice, but 9u feels nicer…


7u Intellijel :slight_smile: