Cascade Symmetry


Hey all, I just put out a new album this week that I’m immensely proud of, and I’d love to share here. I put a lot of care and emotion into it. I don’t think it would have been possible without Mutable Instruments’ modules.

Almost all of it is just three sound sources - Rings, Plonk and Novation Peak. Rings features especially heavy. I tried to make it sound like piano, guitar, harp, flute, viola, glockenspiel, acoustic bass and organ throughout the album - to varying degrees of success. I made a custom exciter unit on the Orthogonal Devices ER-301 to help aid in that process. Just truly a beautiful a module.

Clouds gets heavy use as well, mainly the granular mode on the Parasites. I had a lot of fun with the reverse grain function that was added.

Here are a few download codes


I just bought this, and now I see there are download codes :sob::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::skull:
How would you compare rings to plonk? I am expanding my rig to a slightly larger rig and would like to add a resonator/modeling type of voice. Also when you say you created a “custom exciter,” what does that entail?


This is already one of my favorite albums of 2017. Simply fantastic. Can’t wait for the tape.


Rings has the external input which I find to be really important. Plonk has some nice excitation options, but being able to run whatever you want through Rings is special. Plonk has different types of resonators, more suited to percussive sounds, but you can get some nice tonal sounds too.

The custom exciter on the 301 is akin to the exciter section of Elements. Different flavors of noise, envelopes, samples and the like to bow, blow or strike Rings.


What a beautiful album! It’s very generous of you to post some bandcamp codes here, though I think I’ll just buy it, the album deserves to be bought.

edit: too bad the tape is already sold out…


Yes, a delightful new release, and you’re right to be proud of the work. After missing out a cassette of ‘full blossom…’ I managed to pick up one of these. By all means folks, if you enjoy this music please support the artist if your resources allow for it. And thanks to Olivier for making the instruments!


Thanks so much for this - it’s bloody brilliant, gutted I missed the tape!


Cassette repress! Order sent, first cassette purchase in two decades. Thank you!


Glad to see eventuallly decided to make another run of the previous album. Just ordered both :blush:


Thanks so much for the support!

I hadn’t planned on doing another run for either of these, but I had enough people ask where not doing another run would feel arbitrary.

Should be shipping in a little over a week or so.


I was listening to this again and was overwhelmed with the urge to buy rings and succumbed. Weeks later and it’s still a rich rewarding listen!


Really looking forward to getting the cassettes!


My apologies for the delay! There was a delay with the tape duplicators. I was just told they should be arriving to me on Thursday. If so, everything will be going out either that evening or Friday. Cheers!


Let it be known that persons on the interwebs are clamoring :smile: Thanks for the update!


Eagerly awaiting the 2 new represses - thanks for the update!


Clamor bump.


Shipped everything out last week. Where are you located? Should have definitely arrived by now if you are in the States.


PM sent :cat2:


I received mine yesterday! Many thanks and beautiful work!


My only complaint is this album pushed me over the tipping point to buy a couple rings module as well as a korg electribe. This is definitely some music to spend some time living in.