Capybara The Movie

Just what I’ve always wanted to see! A sci-fi/horror with capybaras. :slight_smile:

that will be fun :slight_smile:

Cool! I didn’t know that Olivier worked a extra night shift on some 3D modelling :wink:

What? You mean it’s fake? :wink:

Its not fake, its 3D Computergraphics, rendered on a ATMega 644p running at blasting 32MHz Overclocked…

Omg. this looks amazing! We have been making fun about them for too long…

They will have revenge - at last !

We all should better obey the froum rules or they will come and get us.

Caution: use of the images of the mighty and majestic Capybara race to enforce the use of one language on a synthesizer company forum may result in the invasion of your planet and the eradication of your species.