Capacitor voltage rating

Okay! So I’m well on my way to completing the SMR-4 mkII filter board, but I want to double check something before I make a mess.

I bought 220nf capacitors, but they’re rated for 50 volts. Will this be an issue?

Thanks again!

nope, 50v is way more than shruthis ±5v, so you are fine

I’ve got some 500 volt 560pf caps. I know that’s ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue: but will this be a problem?

only with fitting it between the boards and inside the case…

Thanks! :slight_smile:
strangely enough they aren’t really huge, just half a cm.

general rule is to get caps rated for at least twice the operating voltage. Beyond that, its simply a size question: The higher the rating, the larger the size