Capacitor substitution

I’m currently building my Shruthi-1 but I had a capacitor catastrophe which resulted in one of my 100nF caps losing a leg. I went down to my local components store and picked up a replacement. They said it was definitely 100nF but it looks very different - perhaps one of these polyester ones I’ve heard about?

Anyway, as long as it’s 100nF and non-polarised, it shouldn’t make a difference, right?

See comparison of both at this link:

(or at this attachment)

I believe the left one is a polyester cap, and the right one a ceramic… Can’t tell if it makes any difference other than size though…

Most 100N Caps on the Shruthi are Decoupling caps - it will run perfectly without. What is the Part Number? Just to check before you do some ugly plumbing…

Seen from the Electrons Position both are the same, the difference is Tolerance, max Voltage, Package(physical Size) and Cost.

…and in this case the most important of these is probably size - as long as you can get the larger one into position on the circuit board without fouling other components then it will be fine


cool, thnks guys! Only thing written on other cap looks like ‘1J63’ (?) so will try it and see I guess…

My other question while I’m here is - I only have a pair of crappy wire snips to hand and am a bit concerned about the height of some of the component leads under the LCD board (as that’s as short as I can cut with crappy snips!). Would a layer of insulating tape between the boards be acceptible??

It would be much better to buy some new sidecutters so you can trim component leads really short.

Here’s one at £4.49 that should be fine: 115mm Side Cutting Pliers


Nice, thanks!