Capacitor convert : Microfarad, Picofarad, nF , uF etc .. !?

I need your help again … :frowning: !
I would buy with my next order at reichelt few capacitors for guitars as shown here
But the references are, for example : .047 microfarad
At reichelt i find ceramic capacitor but labelled : pF, here for exemple
I try to convert microfarad to picofarad and i find : .047 microfarad (uF) = 47000 picofarad (pF)
But i don’t find some capacitor at Reichelt with 47000 pF …
There are some differences in the sound with ceramic capacitors, Polypropylene, Metal Film etc … but I can not find them at Reichelt
I think there is something I do not understand ??

0.047uF = 47nF = 47000pF
Search for “47nF” and you’ll find a few to begin with.

Oh, those again! 47000pF becomes 47nF as in nanofarad. Sometime that will be written as 0.047uF (microfarad). Some people use nF, others stick with just uF and pF as you can cover most of the normally used caps that way.

A value that small is most likely a ceramic cap. If so go for C0G or NPO material. Or it could be a small film cap, most likely polystyrene or polyester.

0.047 uF --> 47 nF
at Reichelt:

  • KERKO 47N (ceramic)
  • X7R-5 47N (multilayer ceramic, 10% tolerance)
  • Z5U-5 47N (multilayer ceramic, 20% tolerance)
  • MKS-02 47N or MKS-2 47N (film)
    etc etc

Thank you
Thank you
And thank you
It seems so clear when we have understood !

and if all else fails

Or if you have an iPhone, the " Electronic Toolbox" app is extremely handy for conversions on the go!

and electrodroid on android…

use that link