Can't update .91 to .93 via the C6 app and .MID firmware file

Hi, I’ve got the Shruthi in update mode (boot while holding down S6) but it isn’t detecting any signal from the C6 app. C6 seems to be sending MIDI (and I’ve used it to back up / load patch data in the past without problems). Any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong will be gratefully received!

Don’t forget .94 :wink: I think it’s still in testing, but it’s working great here on 3 X Shruthi’s.
As for C6… Did you try it as per the manual, with the right delay settings? I use C6 on my Mac to update my Shruthi’s and it’s been faultless.

Oh, and I use the .syx files, rather than .mid
I don’t know what the difference is, but .syx and C6 work for me.

Aha! Thanks guys - I’ll try the sysex file instead. Have downloaded .94 too.

The sysex file did the trick. Thanks again!

Love these forums. Was having the same problem but the .syx file did the trick! Thanks!