Can't store in memory above location #16

I know there are two types of memory but I can’t figure how to store patch on memory location above 16.
Nothing is saved and all 64 extras patches show the last selected patch’s name.
Also, the specs says 144 patch memory where I can only find a total of 80 patches.


no problem storing in 1to 16 mem slot

slots 1-16 are located on the main Atmel. If you can’t save beyond 16 there may be something wrong with the additional storage IC (ic4). Did you build this as a kit or purchase it already built? The official Shruthi’s should come with 127 configured patches and should have hundreds of empty slots (can’t remember the exact number).

I built it from a kit.
I can see the (useless) memory location from 17 to 80. They’re all a copy of the edit buffer

I double-checked every ic number upon installation. A bad assembly wouldn’t show any extra location, wright?
Everything else seems perfect!
I’m very impressed by the little beast :slight_smile:

This is definitely a symptom of a problem with the eeprom (IC4). Maybe this chip has been inserted backwards? Check all the solder joints on its socket.

Is there an easy way to test the ic4 (24LC512) ?
I want to make the chip is OK before I remove the LCD.

If it works it works. No other way to test without proper equipment (basically a MCU that talks to the chip, just like the Shruthi).

Removing the LCD is dead easy: Dremel away the Plastic cover from the Pins between the LCD and the PCB, cut the Pins and desolder one by one. Takes 10 Minutes altogether.

You can measure continuity from the pins of the memory chip to the MCU

If you didn’t socket IC4, i’d suggest first cutting its legs to remove it then use a soler sucker to pull the bits of leads (that is if you didn’t bend the legs). Then trim just a bit off legs of the new EEPROM and solder it in from the back. Or, if you are a bit more skilled, do the same but with a socket. Taking the LCD off is a nightmare, unless your a certified butcher like fcd.

Better first find out what exactly your problem is before starting to take things out?

From what I’ve read here, 2 things are possible:
1-bad soldering on the socket pins located under the lcd (I verified the four pins that are visible) or
2- the chip is at fault

ala shiftr, Definitely check for continuity first between the socket & MCU.

It appears that the IC4 was at fault. I swap the chip with the chip I received with my second unit and it works correctly now.
Yes, I used my unit with only 16 mem slots since 1 1/2 year :smiley: