Can't save patches on Shruthi

Hello, I got my Shruthi fully assembled but encountered one final problem. When I’m on the filter side of the menu, I hit S6 and it goes to “save modi/keyboard setting”. When I’m on the system settings side, I hit S6 and it goes to the browser page. This sounds reversed? Either way, I can’t access the Save patch confirmation page.

Has anyone run into this problem?

OK this is strange, I have to triple tap the memory button to access the save parameter, but it works like 10 percent of the time. What could be wrong with this?

This is what I mean, it takes tons of tries to get to the save page.

Maybe a cold solder blob of the switch ? I would definetely check these first.

Yeah, bad solder joint - it looks like when you tap S6, you create a temporary connection/disconnection on S5, so a press on S5 is recorded too.

Ah got it fixed, I misinterpreted the instructions and reversed the parallel/polarized resistors for the buttons. Thanks for the suggestions!