Can't get my Beads

Perhaps not the place to ask but I do anyway. I was scheduled to receive Beads after 12 weeks wait. OK then! We are now there, but I am told I should wait another 18 weeks. That is a long time guys! How’s is it going for you? Any idea of when the next batch is expected? 2022 really?


Beads modules are being sent to dealers this month, and during the first 2 weeks of august, then throughout October, November and December.

As to your specific case, it ultimately depends on where you sit in the dealer’s pre-order queue, when this dealer sent me their order (did they wait to get a certain number of pre-orders to send me their order? Or did they ordered many modules in advance then offered them for pre-order?), and how they prioritize the shipping of their orders once the modules are delivered to them.


Thank you Emilie for your kind answer.

" In stock within 14-18 weeks". You are right. I was assuming to be delivered short after the product was in stock. But it is not true as you said. In my case waiting till 2022 was to long so I gave up on this order. But the problem remains; there is a clear shortage of supply. Each dealer that I have contacted is out of stock. You are victim of your success I guess.

The global pandemic has completely disrupted production in nearly every sector, and modular synthesizers is no exception. Some of this has to do with the popularity of the Mutables modules, certainly, but the delay likely rests much more on supply chain disruptions. This is true of many, many modular manufactures as well…

Ordered mine early April from Thomann in Germany, and keeps getting pushed back (now mid September, but with the message above, I cannot see how it can be mid September if the batches after will be October, November etc.). Incredibly disappointing and not sure what the issue is here.

Proud mutable Stages, Rings, Plaits, Marbles, Ripples and Warps owner but this has been very disappointing. Thinking of canceling and finding something else but maybe it will come before Christmas as a Christmas present?

Shortage of microcontrollers, some plain dishonesty from component distributors who are now understanding they can make 3000% profits on what used to be a 3€ part, a lot of opacity in the ETAs communicated by many part manufacturers, and in the past weeks, unpredictable work conditions (eg: factory workers being sick or on leave to care for sick relatives, difficulty finding temps).


Good luck Emilie as we all know you do your best to deliver and sell your fantastic products ! Shortage is everywhere and semi conductor makers - and distributors- are making money of this … which I guess is normal in our crazy business world … I am looking for a second stages … and will wait till Xmas !

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To give you an idea, I got an offer for the MCU needed for Stages at 81€ pc instead of 3.95€. This is actually a rather reasonable offer if a 10000€ piece of equipment is waiting for that MCU to be built - an acceptable compromise for a piece of heavy machinery waiting for its digital heart. But for a module sold 160€ to dealers, this is a lot and I passed on the offer.

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Shame … I suffer the same with my little companie with other IC’s…
I will wait anyway as I guess (which in a way is good as I can imagine already the music I will do with it…) full time to think about this sounds !
Looking to hear from you !

/ Eric

Thanks for the reply and the explanation. I will wait. I’ve waited since April may as well wait a little longer! :slight_smile: And appreciate that supply must be tough at the moment. I love all your modules and can’t wait to get my Beads

And people thought lumber in the US was bad. Holy shit :frowning:

According to their Instagram page they’re in stock.

Sold out now!

To be fair, I did post it three days ago :wink:

Yeah I only found out yesterday and thought I’d just share the bleak news to avoid anyone getting their hopes up! I’m one of those that ordered from Gear4music in April and was told by them it’ll be October at the earliest. Sad face.

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Noisebug in CA, US has a few Beads in stock as of a couple hours ago. Good luck!!

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Hopefully this means the west coast will be shipping 2nd wave soon!

In France you can buy it in Paris :slight_smile: Beads – Modularsquare

20 Beads available at Foundsound

and their Reverb store.

Thomann in Germany has shipped mine today which I ordered in March. So they seem to have recieved the july batch now.