Can't find rotary knob for Ambika

Has anyone had trouble finding the rotary encoder for the Ambika? Can I use one with more detents? Thanks.

where are you located? mouser have them, and reichelt too if you’re on this side of the pond

Hey Rosch, if you have a link for the big R feel free to post it, as i never did find an appropriate knob for the encoder there. Perhaps i just did not search in the right direction…

I am in the US. Mouser didn’t have the part specified on the Ambika BOM. I will check again for a similar part.

the reichelt part is in the Ambika BOM. the pic is the link:

i’ve used these knobs also from reichelt for panel mounting (both small and good feeling but they’re not the right size if you use Frank’s cases. for the acrylic cases i’ve used a sifam knob that’s quite large and fits perfectly, i don’t know the nbr but i can post a pic)
so here’s the reichelt knobs:
they have the same pics, one is the smaller and one the bigger one.


The rotary encoder is a 24ppm 24 detent 25mm shaft dealio.

I believe this would work:

or this:

I’ve used both, and they have a little different feel to them (a little more resistance when rotating) than the ones in the MI kits. With the metal shaft version, you can use knobs with set screws without fear of damaging a plastic shaft.


Any 12mm encoder with switch ought to work. Just watch out so that the shaft length is correct (~25mm) and you’re golden. There should be plenty at Digi-Key, Newark, Jameco and what not. Or ebay.

Alps, Panasonic, CTS, Bourns, Polyshine, Soundwell, Alpha, Taiwan Alpha etc. Pick your poison.

Yo Rosch, that’s exactly the problem. For Franks enclosures they are bit too small for my taste. Still got one lying around here, but i am pretty sure that i won’t use it for the programmer.

Check the datasheet that the pinout is:



There’s a part on Digikey with a weird pinout.

Shouldn’t be noticed on the BOM that the STEC12E08 is short if you plan to mount the plexi case? So bad i noticed when mounting the case. But lucky enough to have the knobs pictured above but i think i will change it someday…

Also did the Shruthi work well with the 20mm and the plexi case?