Can't connect to clouds via jtag on disco board

I’m all wired up to my new clouds module via jtag… I can verify power is going to the arm chip, but holy moly I’m 6 hours in trying to figure out how to get it to respond at all… I’m new to jtag.

As of right now, I can’t even get a handshake. I’ve checked my pinouts on both sides in the eagle files and referring to an online tutorial on jtag communication via the discovery board. I’m tying JTMS, JTCK, JTDO, JTDI, RESET, GND and 3.3V all to my discovery board and I have my ST-LINK pins pulled and just nothing… Plugging in via USB and connecting over ST-LINK software shows nothing… I’m in JTAG mode (but I’ve tried SMT mode as well).

Things I don’t know – Is there a baud rate that is published as working? Is there a way to see if the chip is functioning w/ a multimeter? Do I need to be in normal mode or hot plug mode? I’m assuming I need to be in JTAG mode? Has anyone successfully done this w/ a discovery board? Is the discovery board supposed to be getting powered by the Clouds module? Is it possible I’m wiring this up so that the discovery board is acting as the client instead of the master?

I can see voltage going in and I’m not finding any obvious shorts… I’m getting a nice solid 11.98v/-11.98v at source and i’m outputting 3.3v happily for pin 1 of the arm processor. Sometimes when I plug the clouds module in, I’m getting lights and sometimes I’m not… I’m assuming they’re just floating…

I’m using a combination of walkthroughs, but this seems the most relavant:

Is this a diy Clouds?

Ya, it is…

This forum is only for factory built modules, give Muff Wigglers a try, plenty of people on there should be able to help you.