Can't boot after 1.01 update via midi

Hi all

Having recently sorted out (decorated/renovated) my music room I’ve been getting all my synths back out and setting my play area to it’s optimum :wink:

So I thought I’d sit down and learn the interface of the Shruthi again and as part of that thought I’d upgrade to the latest version. Well I went to 1.01 (uploaded using the C6 utility) and whilst fiddling with the settings I ended up in a programming section where everything was just spinning through the values like nuts. It would appear (as I fiddled) that I set global portemento on and to cut a long story short, I couldn’t switch it off in the mad menu.

So I thought I’d drop down to 0.98 but after that I can’t boot my little pal any more. Going back to 0.97 (my previous version) or back to 1.01 doesn’t work for me either. What I get is either led 1 lit, or all leds but the last or no leds or all leds completely or … well - seems pretty random actually :).

I can still get to the firmware update screen holding down the 6th switch but whatever firmware I load doesn’t seem happy now.

Any advice gratefully received!

Many thanks


What happens when you reinstall 1.01?

^Reinstall 1.01 via C6. Make sure that delay is set to 250 ms in the “configure” tab.

If you get the odd “value spinning” behavior again, turn off the Shruthi, then turn it back on while pressing the encoder.

For further information, see the Hardware selection part of the Shruthi 1.00 manual.

Hi, thanks for the comments, much appreciated.

I had tried to go back to 1.01 but it had failed. I hadn’t set the 250ms delay though which I’ve now done, tried uploading back to 1.01 but same issue. Won’t boot, random number of lights when I start (usually the first one).

I’ve been uploading with the Midi file. If I upload with the Sysex file I get the lights counting up as the upload occurs which I don’t get with the MIDI file. AND IT’S BACK

I tried the Sysex last night but without the delay. I’ve just uploaded 0.98 (it’s the one I had to hand). Will try again with 1.01 tonight when I get back from work. But we’re back in business.



Yes, use the .syx file. :slight_smile:
I have honestly never tried with the .mid. I will have to keep that in mind next time.
I am sure you will find 1.01 to be much more flexible. You should read up on the firmware differences near the bottom of this page.

I can confirm I am up and running with 1.01. Phew! :slight_smile:

Many MANY thanks for the help!