Can't be here yesterday but

I 've found some friends of us:



About 50km from your home :slight_smile:

Wow those are big guinea pigs!

What are they?


What are they??? Don’t know lol, when i saw them, i just think about Olivier and don’t read the little panel…Just take photos…

Sorry but they look exactly as coypus (myocastor) or “ragondin” as we say here in France. (except the legs size and overall size, surely the same family).
I have tons of them around my house and sometime in my garden !
They are not afraid by humans, because here, we feed them !

But bad news, they don’t like the shruthi sound or any kind of electro-music :slight_smile:

They’re either Coypu or Capybara, but don’t look exactly like other pictures of either. How did all this giant rodent thing get started, does anyone remember?
Must have been before my time- I guess I’m a relatively late arrival at the Mutable Instruments party…


Does it look unimpressed? Yes, so it’s a capybara.

Its been always there since the beginning of Time itself. Some even say 5 Minutes earlier.

You keep strange beings in your garden and you pretend to be French so heres the crucial question about these Beasts: how do they taste and how do i prepare them best? :wink:


3 or 4 bigger than Myocastor… I meet lot of Myocastor Near Murol/St. Nectaire 3 monte ago…

From Wikipedia:

“Capybaras have two different scent glands; a morillo, located on the snout, and an anal gland.[26] Both sexes have those glands, but males have larger morillos and their anal pockets can open more easily. The anal glands of males are also lined with detachable hairs. A crystalline form of scent secretion is coated on these hairs and are released when in contact with objects like plants. These hairs have a longer-lasting scent mark and are tasted by other capybaras. A capybara marks by rubbing its morillo on an object or by walking over a scrub and marking with its anal gland. A capybara can spread its scent further by urinating. However, females usually mark without urinating and mark less frequently than males overall. Females mark more often during the wet season when they are in estrus. In addition to objects, males will also mark females.[26]”

I’d like to have your opinion on what you think they are all looking at with this super smug attitude…

I’d say an ELP concert.

that article reads like that wiki’s gonna have a leak

FCD; not a special good taste but tried it once like i tried squale or kangaroo.
the best taste ever for me: horse (i know, this sound very strange for some of you to eat horses !).
remember, here we eat snails and frogs too…





… After