Cannot set filter or get anything from MIDI in

Hi !

After recently making a Shruthi XT with 4PM filter (got PCBs, assembled parts and programmed the Atmega), I get sound when using the “Jam” mode, but nothing from the MIDI input. Is there something to configure in the settings ? Or is might my filter board have a problem ?

Also, I find it hard to select the right filter board in the “System filter” setting. When I click it, I can switch between 1-3 filters, then I exit, reedit the same setting and I get another set of filters, keep going until I see 4pm but it can be long. Is this normal ? I have been reading the manual and some forum posts but I don’t understand…

Thank you so much !

Hi !
Still stuck, could anyone help me ?
If I should provide more details just tell me :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks !