Can you please comment on this 84 HP system around Braids and Clouds?

Fiddled with Braids and Clouds in somebody´s large system and got really hooked on the possibilities. Then learned a lot here and in muffwiggler for the last couple of months.
So now planning a 84 HP system that will work along Minibrute, Analog Four, Beat Step Pro and several FX pedals, including Eventide H9. Basic idea was to build around Braids and Clouds. Interested in soundscapes, cinematic ambiences and FX for space related soundtracks. Right now I imagine something like this 8 module thing, but feel like l would really appreciate comments and advice.

Braids, Clouds, Ripples, MN Function, MN Rosie, QBit NanoRand, MFB Dual LFO, A132-3 dual VCA

Thanks a lot

Yeah seems like a pretty cool little system! But…

  • I’d definitely add an offset/attenuator/mixer (Shades?) to massage the outputs of your modulators
  • I’d trade the Doepfer VCA for a higher-end one with mixing capabilities (uVCA)
  • Maybe trade Rosie for one of these dedicated pedal interfaces? Rosie is cool but the output jack is stereo, which is not very common amongst pedals I think (?) Plus I personally rarely use the headphone cue system.
  • If you’re adventurous, try swapping Braids for Tides!

uVCA does mixing?

Just don’t buy it second-hand :slight_smile: (if the big knob is the CV attenuator, then it’s the old version without mixing).

Swap the dual lfo for a peaks…

I think the nanorand + function + dual LFO covers already enough bases in terms of modulation. I’m not sure what else a Peaks could bring. Compared to Peaks, the dual LFO has less waveforms but CV, and might be more straightforward to use.

Thank you for your help.

Stereo is common in reverb pedals and H9 has some really interesting mono in-stereo out algorithms. That´s what draw my attention to Rosie. However, after your comments maybe something like XAOC Sewastopol is a better option (mono in-out interface, FX loop, comparator and envelope follower for a little more money).

I guess that swapping the Doepfer VCA for Intellijel uVCA doesn´t solve all the attenuation/mixing needs and leaves things like this at 76 HP:

Braids, Clouds, Ripples, MN Function, Sewastopol, QBit NanoRand, MFB Dual LFO, uVCA

Any suggestions on those extra 8 HP to fill the 84 HP case?

Shades + Qu-bit Eon, Meng-Qi DPLPG, or A-180-2


the Laurentide VG-1 is also an excellent passive vactrol-based LPG, it’s double the size of the Meng-Qi but has pots to control the action of the vactrols.

So maybe VG-1 + Links as a mult/mixer then?

I can really recommend Shades, it’s really versatile and useful! There’s rarely a patch where I don’t use it.

yup! plus, you really need an attenuator in there!

Go for it! :stuck_out_tongue:

looks good!