Can we have a moment to talk about the MI brand identity?


Is there a Hindu equivalent of a fatwa?

Actually, I shouldn’t joke, because it seems that there is, judging by the number of murders over the last few years of notable rationalists by Hindu fundamentalists, as you mentioned.

Still, who couldn’t love Saraswati-Benzaiten (often called Benten for short) eating Shruthi sushi from a bento box?


Hi everyone, sorry about the late response, had a couple of busy days but I’ve been following the thread too and been thinking about the issues being discussed here.

First of all, thank you @pichenettes for your response. I hope I didn’t offend you in any way, this is just the sort of conversation that I was looking forward to having. I do understand and agree with your point of view and I’d like to make it clear that I’m not offended in any way with the symbolism - it’s more regarding the message that it sends to other people if they see someone associating with a certain symbol. Of course, they might not be aware of the intentions behind these things and sometimes conversations are a dead end in the climate that we’re in today.

I don’t really have much to contribute here at the moment, but would like to thank everyone for their replies, gives me a lot of food for thought.


The soviet one, maybe? :slight_smile:


i still love little soviet saraswati. :slight_smile:


I have to say, I think Olivier’s detailed, heartfelt, thoughtful and honest reply should really be the last word on this matter.


daaaaamn what are you talking about?
Olivier is building magical music modules with a beautiful brand logo and the most beautiful designed panels i own. it‘s all about music, love and modular and nothing else, so just get some of those smooth modules and create some magical moments withit.



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Religions (and why Buddhism possibly isn't one)

Just want to chime in that I find it refreshing to have well-thought out discussion when it could’ve devolved in accusations of the op being overly sensitive, or the designers becoming defensive. The nice thing about eurorack and synths in that you can design the thing you want to be, and its good to know that people can grow and learn, and in the end we all keep working on being better people.

PS: Synthrotek AND Cosby has been canceled in my studio.


Its simple you can buy custom panels and change it.
I like the design,like thousands of clients ,there is not a lot to do with religion…Olivier will answer but,!find it crazy to be bothered by a design!


Mutable on the laptop. Of course, all the cool stickers (at least for data science stuff) are hexagons in standard size, and the cool kids tell me that you are supposed to tesselate the lid of your laptop with them (something I realised too late, but I’m due for a new laptop and won’t make the same mistake again). Some hexagonal Mutable Instruments and other open-source modular brand stickers to intersperse amongst the R and python open-source package stickers would be nice (stickers for non-open source brands don’t belong in such company, imho)!


hexagonal or not, I found the old stickers without the name of the brand and the website a lot more aesthetic


These are not “old” and “new” stickers… Both are currently “in production” and you randomly get one of the two.


Proud to have the MI logo on my laptop as well. :slight_smile:


I never got the one with the brand name and website before Stages or Marbles that’s why I thought it was a new design.

Mine is looking for friendly honk in the highways:


When your breath condensation starts to look like Puranic avatars you’ll know that participation in art is blessed for all. As an initiated-by-monks “religious” yoga practitioner I initially found MI’s sensitivity to Vedic rhythm and Indian scales (in the earlier iterations of Shruthi-1 code) part of the overall appeal of the brand. In terms of personal choices if I were also a musical instrument engineering genius (like Pichenettes and others in this community) I would have chosen Shaivite imagery as representative of the Father of Music (as I’m not part of the Shakti cult). I maintain that in spite of whatever faults may have arisen along the way MI is exemplary for universal outlook and cross-cultural pollination of access to experiential learning by empowering people’s music. And yes, many were imprisoned, tortured and murdered paying a price in blood as political consequences of participation in the yoga community to which I belong. The Shaivism that I follow embraces a universal outlook not restricted by geography, race, gender, class or other relative restrictions and the democratic values that I uphold honor participation in free speech and free expression through art, invention and so on.


I have some of each, but I’m also rocking that one on my car.


Mutable instruments brand aesthetic has always intrigued me. With its Hindu inspired artwork I’ve always been struck by a sense of open-endedness to the sound crafting tools as I relate these design choices to the fact that Universalism has its roots in Hinduism. That all is One and One is all. An idea that, to my knowledge, was first conceptualized in the Bhagavad Gita
Passages like:

When devoted men sacrifice
To other deities with faith
They sacrifice to me, Arjuna
However aberrant the rite

Beyond illusions of the maya there is but one truth to which all belong, Whether you’re in a skyscraper in Dubai, a tenement in Detroit, or somewhere in Finland, the symbols, writing and aesthetic of Hinduism attempt to transcend the ego, the individual, the community, the nation, the world and all its cycles, Never seeming to seek to proselytize. Only ever gently declaring that all paths converge on the truth. Any craft maker who would appropriate such beautiful sentiment should be praised for doing so