Can Tides make square waves with PW?

I was wondering if Tides can reach a square wave and have some of the controls act as Pulse Wave.
It doesn’t need to be clicky 100% square, a little curve is no problem as long as the macro form is square.
Thanks !

I used to do something like this with High Tide output on Tides v1. Fast attack time, output for the “square” rising edge, etc…


Are you referring to Tides 1 or 2?

Tides1: use the HIGH output.
Tides2: use the third one.

Use SLOPE to adjust pulse width.


This is the closest I got by patching the second output in the FM in. When you set the output in ‘‘Different times’’ mode and you play with the knob you with get a kind of PWM

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I refer to Tides 2.
Which Output mode is the one I need to select?
I dont have the unit yet, its a Module Ive been wanting for a long time but didnt have a use for it yet, so I was waiting until a patch requires it before buying it… now Im wanting a square LFO that can be set at really slow rate and have a short PW, and from that function be able to transform it into something else.

mmm, interesting, but having the FM input used for making the square wave wont allow me to modulate the rate of the LFO by other sources?

I guess you could use the V/Oct input with an attenuated voltage source

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Different shapes. The illustration is pretty clear:


For that, you can use the last output, the pulse width will always be 1ms.

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Thanks, though I need the Pulse With to change… I should have said Pulse WIth Modulation, sorry !

What you wanted remained very unclear…

At first I thought you wanted adjustable pulse width, so I recommended you to use output 3 (the pulse width is adjusted with SLOPE).

Then you mentioned a short pulse, and I thought your application was something like generating a short reset or sync pulse – for that, output 4 can be used.

Yes, sorry I was not clear :woozy_face:

I`ll try to be clear this time:
What I want it a Square-ìsh Wave, with the Frequency being around 10 seconds, with the possibility to be externally modulated. Also the PW to be around 3 seconds (or around 1/3rd of the cycle), and also the possibility of being modulated externally.

-If the mode is “Different Times” better, as I can use the other outputs to have other things being modulated in turns one after the other.
-If “different times” is the only way to do it: do the “shaping controls” work in the 3rd output if I want to transform the Square-nes?

I going to buy the module anyway next month, since it can do so much things, but knowing this will make me know if I can make the patch I want, or if I`ll need another module for this task.

Thanks and sorry again for the uncertainty of the previous posts.

You want “different shapes” output 3, as indicated above. The positive portion of the pulse ends up being from EOA to release, so by changing the slope parameter (which determines the portion of the full cycle spent on attack), you’re changing the pulse width.

With “different times” you would get a different set of outputs, which might be more useful to you depending on how strict you are about being square-like. That is, you’d be trying to dial in something square-like via a combination of shape, smootness and slope settings, and I don’t think you’re going to get very close to a square … but if you ease up on your square restriction, different times is a pretty fun mode to be in.

I might try to mess around with different settings to see how close I can get to “square-ish” in “different times” tonight … but I suspect the answer is “not very”.

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The post above has very good suggestions.

You could also try using an external comparator module, a VCA/amp with a lot of gain (eg a Veils channel with the response set to exponential), or an AR envelope with a short attack and release time to turn a square-ish waveform into a very very square one.

Finally, I don’t know what you are going to do with this square signal, but if it’s going to be fed into a digital input (eg the gate input of an envelope), there’s a good chance that the digital input will directly handle a square-ish signal well.

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The patch Idea is to feed the square signal into Marbles Rate, so when the Square Tides is “low” then Rate is so slow that it doesn’t send any trigger, and when its high suddenly there is a “3 seconds window” when it fires all the triggers set by the control panel, then back to nothing for “7” seconds and let the notes ring. Tides Frequency will be modulates so the silent and busy windows of time will be longer and shorter with a very slow LFO. The idea is to mimic Wind Chimes, where a burst of wind moves the exciter and hits randomly 2, 3 or 4 bars (chimes) and then stops but the chimes keep ringing for a long time. The idea is inspired by “Thursday afternoon” by Brian Eno.
I did once a patch with this idea using the a Quadrax as the square wave (its not square but with full logarithmic it did something similar) and could change attack and decay independently to act as “pulse with”, but didnt modulated the parameters, here is a Stream i did via Instagram showing the patch:

Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 9.18.32 PM

Yeah, it’s as I thought - you can get some kind of pulse-ish shapes with the wave folder, but nothing that’s going to give you a strict tempo when fed into marbles, and you don’t really have control over the pulsewidth this way. But! I think ultimately that’s a good thing, because you can get a strict PWM pulse via the different shapes method output 3, and then you’ll have a bunch of other options which will sound different and interesting in other ways. I think you’ll have plenty of ground to explore.

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