Can Tides be made into a Mangrove?

Whimsical Wraps’ Mangrove oscillator is essentially a function generator, altering between triangle and saw, triggered by a square wave, the result of which is sent through a VCA with some waveshaping. Because the triggering square wave establishes the actual frequency, changing the the length of the function’s attack and release changes the formants of the wave in a beautiful way without actually changing the pitch.

This wonderful post (Patch trick: turn your Maths into a complex formant oscillator like Mangrove - MUFF WIGGLER) points out that Mangrove can be replicated by Maths serving as the function generator, triggered by an external oscillator (or even by one of its channel’s EOR). But Tides would make a vastly superior choice because, instead of tweaking the attack/release parameters to alter shape, you have a continuous Shape control that doesn’t alter the fundamental frequency.

To truly emulate the Mangrove, though, the function generator has to ignore re-triggers during its attack phase. Does anyone know for sure if Tides does this? Here’s my Mangrove emulation with Tides in VCV Rack, though I’m actually using 2 square waves, one synced to the other with a higher nominal frequency, to trigger 2 Tides.

My reading of the Tides’ manual was that the device does ignore retriggering during the attack, but oldenjon’s experience (from the MW post) differs:

I tried this patch with tides. You can only use AD mode for this, and the envelope resets with a trigger so you don’t get frequency division. Using the clock input / PLL seems to override whatever mode you’re in and put you in cycle mode so no variable duty cycle. It was a pretty cool patch despite these things though. I think with some software edits Tides could do most of what Mangrove does and more. Would be a cool idea for an alternative firmware.

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No, Tides re-triggers all the time - it works exactly like hard-sync on an oscillator.

The reason for that is that Tides’ core has no notion of attack and decay. The shaping of the ramp into attack and decay segments is done later in the signal chain.

Ironically, this nice feature is also what makes Tides totally unsuitable for this patch, since the core of the oscillator is unaware of what’ll be an attack and what’ll be the decay (and thus cannot ignore a reset pulse during attack).

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