Can the output gain of Beads be controlled?

I recently bought Beads and I’m still figuring it out. So maybe I do something wrong.

But I noticed that the output starts clipping immediately after I turn de dry/wet from dry to wet. Even when it’s just a little bit. It happens in different quality modes and al kind of settings.

I use befaco out which has a led indicator for clipping. I patched the L/R out in the befaco out. Then I tried parching it into a mixer first tot attenuate the output, but it doesn’t solve the clipping.

I found different topics here on clipping but I couldn’t find an answer. I already set the input gain manually.

Maybe someone can help me out.

Can you send a video of the problem to I can’t really think of a situation where the wet output would systematically be louder, and the module has an output limiter anyway.

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Thanks for the quick response. I’ll do that.

I checked some vids of he Befaco Out… I see the leds lighting up there also. I think I understood this leds wrong the whole time. Thinking it showed clipping, but actually just showing an indication of the output level… so now I assume that the peak levels are just higher from the wet signal than the dry, without that it means that it’s clipping. Let me check this out first. If I still think it’s clipping, I will send a video.

Thank you again for the quick response!

Is there a solution already? My Beads does clipping also.
It happens when the Seed knob is on and using Density.
Turning cw and ccw will give clipping on the Right output.
But with the Freeze knob on I get and a sinus signal in max positions on the same output.
Left output seems to be normal.
It started after I removed the Right input cable.

What is your module connected to?

Are you sure Beads is really clipping? And not that it generates a signal too high for whatever it is connected to?

Used a Plaits on the left and a Doepfer Ext in (for mic) on the right input of Beads and both inputs still work properly.
Left output is working normal too, its only the right output thats clipping and give no pass of inputsignal.

Wait… What do you call “clipping”?

Do you mean a click?

In which case, have you read this from the manual:

Hold the button [M] and press the SEED button [C] to enable (or disable) the generation of a grain trigger signal on the R output. A patch cable will have to be inserted in the R output for this to work without affecting the L output!

Ah…missed that and activated it by accident. Shame on me!
It’s working now.
Very thanks and sorry for wasting your time Emily.