Can the Anushri sequencer control the filter instead of a tonal value? like this:

A pal of mine who is getting an Anushri along with me sent me this question:

could the ANushri make the sequencer control the filter instead of a tonal value. i.e. like the Koma Elektronik FT201 filter Perhaps a switch and some rerouting could accomplish this I don’t know, can you ask on the MI forums for me?"

No, the built-in sequencer records notes. You can patch the VCO CV out to the VCF CV in with a patch cable, this will modulate the cutoff depending on how high the recorded note is, but this won’t prevent the VCO pitch to change.


If you don’t want the anushri sequencer to control the VCO CV, you can just disconnect R60. Maybe a mod would be to add a switch in series with R60?
edit : if you completely remove R60, I guess that you can still control the pitch frequency normally with a patch cable between the CV in and CV out mini-jacks.