Can Stages do that?

I know that you can put pretty much anything at the end of this sentence and the answer is usually YES. But here I can’t make it happen:

Slew limiter with independant rise and fall setting?
I know the yellow mode acts as a nice slew limiter with portamento time set by the knob, but how would you patch it to have rise and fall control, with this kind of controls:
… Come on I know we can find a way! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t think it can!

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There does seem to be different attack and release times depending where the knob setting is… but not independently adjustable.

I have thought about what you are trying to achieve and have come to the conclusion that Stages can only do: almost everything…


How dare it only, do squints through glasses * nearly everything *

//unscrews Stages and throws it out the window.

you could unscrew it and turn it into an harmonic oscillator

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That’s unfortunate, I’ll die trying then! :smiley:
I managed to fake it using it as a sequencer (yellow mode) with all steps modulated by the same source, my original sequence, and I set specific slew setting for each step.

actually with the alt-firmware you dont have to unscrew it anymore :slight_smile: