Can Shruthi send notes out from the sequencer?

Can Shruthi send notes out from the sequencer? As in say I have it set in the Roland mode, if I have it connected to my Midi>CV box to my MC202 do I basically then have a SH101?

The Shruthi can send notes from the arpeggiator/sequencer (You need to set the MIDI mode setting to “seq” so that it outputs the notes generated by the internal arpeggiator/sequencer, instead of just forwarding the notes it receives on the MIDI in).

But I don’t understand the rest of your question. What is the Roland mode? The SH-101 is a fully analog monosynth, you won’t have that with a Shruthi.

"seq: pattern player

In this mode, the pattern programmed in the sequencer is triggered by playing a note on the keyboard (Roland calls this “RPS”). Depending on the note you play, the pattern is transposed: play C4 to play the pattern as recorded, C#4 to play it one semi-tone higher, B3 to play it one semi-tone lower, etc. The pattern will stop whenever the key is released — but the clock will continue ticking for the duration of a bar – and if a key is pressed during this interval, the pattern will resume in time. This mode is most useful for playing and transposing a bassline."

So this can be sent out yes?

I know, the Shruthi is ace as it is. But I recently modded an MC202 so that an externel sequencer can be used with it. I have CV running into the MC202 from a doepfer mcv4. If the arp can be sent from the Shruthi to the doepfer mcv4 that will give it a similar capability to a SH101.

Ok, I understand better why you call the “arpeggiator + CV converter + MC202” a SH-101 :slight_smile:

So yes, you’ll be able to get arpeggios and mini-sequences out to the MC202. Note that a MIDIpal is also useful for this :slight_smile:

I understood that a midipal can. I just wondered if the Shruthi could. Thanks! Probably get a midipal eventually as I’m thinking it would probably go very well with the new MS20 mini.