Can not tune the VCO to the DCO

I am having an issue, my Anushri is only really usable in 1 OSC / sync or sub-osc mode.
Because when I put the sub lever to “DCO” it is impossible for me to tune it to the VCO.
Turning the VCO Detune knob maximum to the right will give me the closest result, but it is still out of tune and I can’t reach further. Turning the VCO Detune in the opposite direction will only detune it further below the pitch of the DCO.

Is this normal that they will not tune up?
Is this fixable somehow, is there a trimpot inside to be adjusted? I did not build this Anushri myself but bought it from a reputable builder.

I had the same issue so you may find the answer here: Cannot tune Anushri [ANSWERED]