Can not create test tone

I’ve assembled my Shruthi1, and I have verified that it can generate audio output by filtering an external input signal. However, I can not actually generate a test tone on the instrument by holding down the first button, as per instructions. I don’t know if this is a wiring issue, a firmware issue, or something else entirely. From scanning the forums I haven’t seen other cases of this happening.
Here’s the video I’m trying to replicate:
Here’s a video of me on mine:

I have not tested on midi input, because I don’t own any midi cables (yet).

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

In firmware 1.02 you can press the encoder for a second or two to start the sequencer.

That did it! :smiley:
Thanks so much!

Does the documentation need to get updated anywhere, or have I just been totally oblivious?

Yes, the printed quick start manual needs to be updated. This has been done.

Thanks for following up!

Another thing I had noticed is that the online instructions for the controller board ( point out that R20 can use either the 3.3 ohm resistor, or a 68 ohm. Because I did not follow the initial instructions very carefully, I did not notice that there is only one 68 ohm resistor, and that is intended for use in the filter board. I wound up using my 68 ohm resistor there and so I had to procure a different one for the filter board later on. By the time I realized my error, I had mounted the LCD and it was nigh impossible to free the resistor.

Can you update the online instructions for future adventurers to point out that if there is only one 68 in the kit, then it needs to be used on the filter board?

Now that I’ve gotten it to work, I’m tremendously happy with the output :slight_smile: