Can I use this capacitor instead?

So I was just about to finish a self-sourced 4-pole build last night when I realised I am missing 1x 100uF capacitor (RAD 100/16) @C39, I have managed to find a 100uF 25V(RE) one in a miscellaneous bag of bits and just wanted to check if I would have any problems using this instead. I cant find any other info re tolerances etc…


Higher voltage rating is fine as long as it fits. I wouldn’t necessarily substitute and Orange Drop though, might not fit, the board or the aesthetic, though it would make it something you could Velcro to your guitar.

If it’s a polarized capacitor (with a band saying ‘minus’ running down one side of it) it will be fine if it physically fits (not too large).

Great, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear, I might actually get it done by xmas now.

Thanks for your speedy replies.